An Intro Of Who We Are

After over two years in business, we've decided to start a blog! As our first post, we wanted to do a quick introduction who we are and why we started Blue Urbane. Welcome - and thanks in advance for reading!

We started Blue Urbane to be a sustainable marketplace for women-made designed pieces. Our founder, Emily, has always loved fashion and dressing up since her early days in dance, and she wanted to combine that love with helping the planet. Our curated collection of clothing, jewelry, handbags and accessories have all been ethically made, without harming the environment. We individually research to ensure that if we carry it, it will be a product we stand behind that we know you'll love! We tend to focus on pieces that are timeless and stylish and also make wonderful gifts. 

In addition to the process of ethically sourcing our products, we don't use any new single-use plastic (any plastic that we use has been upcycled!) and we donate 1% of our proceeds to solar energy around the world through the Honnold Foundation. 

We hope that gives you a bit more insight as to why we started Blue Urbane and why it's beneficial to the planet and to so many women artisans to support us!

Stay tuned for more blog posts to come full of great sustainable style tips, how to have a more eco-friendly lifestyle, and so much more!