Our Story + Who We Are

A Note from the Founder:

I have loved fashion all my life, but for many years, I didn't know how much environmental impact the fashion industry was having. I was supporting "fast fashion" companies that contributed so much negative effects to our environment, animals, and the garment workers who made the clothes. After taking some fashion courses at Parsons, School of Design, I became educated on slow and sustainable fashion, and how important it is to support for the well-being and future of our planet. I started Blue Urbane to be a trusted & sustainable online boutique where eco-minded people could shop clothing, jewelry and more and know they were making a positive contribution. By personally handpicking all of the items we offer, I'm able to ensure that they are all made with high quality, sustainable materials and connect back to our mission of supporting sustainable and women-run small businesses.

Blue Urbane is a woman-owned and founded online sustainable fashion boutique based in New York that includes a curated collection of ethically made and eco-friendly products. We also donate 1% of our proceeds to the development of solar energy around the world through the Honnold Foundation.

Our mission is summed up in our core values:

  • Carry sustainable, eco-friendly clothing and accessories.
  • Support female designers and artisans.
  • Donate part of our proceeds to providing solar energy to developing communities around the world.
  • Commit to eco-friendly packaging.

Renew your style, renew the world. 

We believe in style with positive intention. Every order placed goes towards helping women makers and bettering the planet.

We choose designers and artisans that believe strongly in our core values. We do extensive research before we bring in a new designer or partner. Some of the ways they carry out our mission are below:

  • Garments are produced ethically and in small batch to minimize waste
  • Use recycled packaging materials
  • Produce clothing from deadstock and upcycled fabrics, and other eco-friendly fabrics such as linen, organic cotton, Lyocell Tencel, and others
  • Pay garment workers fair wages and provide other benefits like meals and education
  • Commit to fair trade 
  • Create jewelry in small batches and handmade
  • Cruelty-free and vegan production of handbags and accessories 
  • Use sustainable and upcycled materials for jewelry
  • Use environmentally friendly dyes and avoid toxic chemicals 

ur·​bane | \ ˌər-ˈbān \
notably polished in manner. reflecting elegance, sophistication especially in expression.

notably polished in manner while working towards a more sustainable world.


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