Why We Support Solar Energy

Due to the critical nature of climate change, providing opportunities for solar energy on a more equitable basis is more important than ever. In addition to supporting sustainability and women designers and artisans, we are proud to give a portion of our proceeds to promoting solar energy opportunities through The Honnold Foundation. By providing that life-changing service, solar energy creates clean, renewable power from the sun and benefits the environment, connecting back to Blue Urbane's core values. 
Solar Energy Panels
The Honnold Foundation is a leader in providing solar energy in the following ways:
  • Bringing solar to remote communities around the world that are underserved with electricity 
  • Helping to develop local community-owned solar micro-grids in areas that have experienced climate disaster and/or pollution
  • Working directly with BIPOC community leaders to develop solar installations and provide job training 
The Honnold Foundation (HF) promotes solar energy for a more equitable world. HF envisions a world where all people have equal access to opportunity and live in balance with the environment. HF awards grants to community organizations whose projects are innovative, equity-focused, and have the potential to shift the narrative on what’s possible for energy access worldwide.
When you make a purchase from Blue Urbane, part of the proceeds go directly towards making the world a more equitable and sustainable place.
Click here for more information on The Honnold Foundation.