Best Year-Round Gift Ideas

We've put together the most popular pieces from the store that people love to gift! From Christmas and Hanukkah to Mother's Day and birthdays, the pieces below are bound to make your recipient super happy!

Sun & Moon Rings

gold sun and moon rings
These beautiful handmade rings are offered in various styles - from plain rose gold and brass to our other popular styles with turquoise, druzy, moonstone labradorite and amethyst stones. The best part of these rings - and the reason they're a fabulous gift - is they are adjustable! You won't need to know your recipient's ring size. Click here to shop.

Handpainted Cat Clips
handpainted cat hair clips
Calling all cat lovers! These handpainted cat clips sell out time and time again! Anyone who knows a cat clips knows they will love these super cute hair clips! They are also made from cellulose acetate, which is an eco-friendly, biodegradable material made from recycled wood pulp. Offered in sets of two in a large variety of colors! Check them out here!

Roosevelt Island Crystal Bracelets
gemstone adjustable bracelets
We've carried these gorgeous bracelets since shortly after we launched over two years ago, and they continue to be a favorite! These eye-catching bracelets are made with beautiful handcut gemstone - including rose quart, citrine, and amethyst pictured above. They gemstones are pendulums wire-wrapped and they have a flexible fit with adjustable brass cuff to fit mostly any wrist size. Shop the different stones here
Handmade Trinket Trays
handmade trinket trays
These stunning trays are popular year-round especially for birthdays and holiday gifts. They're perfect to hold your favorite jewelry, keys, a glass of water or tea, or just to spruce up your home! With a variety of styles, they're all handmade with resin - either with gold foil or real pressed flowers. We've got options for everyone in this beautiful collection here
Delicate Necklaces
delicate necklaces
Female designed and made in the USA, our lovely delicate necklaces are perfect gifts. From sun and moon-inspired pieces to freshwater pearl necklaces, all are gorgeous and unique pieces your recipient will wear over and over again. Shop our necklaces here.
Eco-Friendly Greeting Cards
recycled handmade cards
Whether you need just a card or a card to go with a gift, we've got you covered with so many unique and sophisticated designs. Our cards are made from recycled paper, printed with eco-friendly inks, and are plastic-free. They are also made from 100% post-consumer waste that has been previously discarded and returned for recycling. The best way to convey a thoughtful message. See our card collection here