The Importance of Reviews

As a small business, reviews mean everything to us! We're so appreciate that over our nearly two and a half years, we've collected close to 100 reviews averaging 4.94/5 stars!

When you shop any small business, know that writing a review for any piece you buy means so much to that business and can really help them grow.

The top three reasons we appreciate reviews are:

1. Reviews help establish our brand more and helps improve credibility.

2. They provide valuable feedback and help us curate future pieces.

3. Reviews help us get found online easier for future customers.

If you buy from us, please look out for an email to review - you'll get 10% off on your next order! If you miss the email, you can always go to the specific product page on our site and scroll to the bottom to write a review. So, there's no excuses! :)

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