The Truth About Garment Workers

What do you know about garment workers? The average person probably doesn't know much. They probably also never think about how they can get some products at many well-known stores as such low prices. In western society, we are often disconnected from how our products are made (and what they're made of!). If you do a quick internet search about garment workers, you will quickly find out the ugly truth. 

More than 80% of garment workers don't get paid minimum wage and most work up to 60+ hours a week. They often get paid only a few cents for each piece the make. Even more, the overwhelming majority are women and often are stuck in poverty without education. They are left working long hours for little pay and with no opportunity for advancement.

With all that, it's extremely important here at Blue Urbane that we support garment workers in the best way we can. That means earning fair wages and benefits, clean and safe workspaces, training opportunities, and more. We are proud to support and carry only designers and small brands that pay and treat their garment workers fairly. By doing this, we are helping lift women up around the world, often in countries where they don't get a chance for education or independence. By supporting only fair trade and ethically made products, it helps support local economies and communities, so they can reinvest back into the future and give more to future generations.

The next time you shop, please do some thinking (and research) about how the company is treating the people who make those clothes.