What is Sustainable Fashion & Why Is it Important?!

At Blue Urbane, we care deeply about only supporting artisans and makers that stress sustainability. This is why we only carry clothing that is made in a sustainable way. But what is sustainable fashion?!

Sustainable fashion refers to clothing that is designed, manufactured, distributed and used in ways that are environmentally friendly. Natural materials such as hemp, linen, cotton, silk, wool, leather, and cellulose fibers are preferable over virgin synthetics like polyester, acrylic, and nylon. This is why when you check out our clothing, you'll see it's only made from natural materials - or it's made from upcycled/repurposed synthetic materials. 

The benefits of natural fibers is that they are biodegradable and can compost cleanly back into the soil unlike synthetic fibers that do not biodegrade and sit in landfills, continually leaching toxic chemicals. They also breathe better (you'll be thankful of that in the warmer months!) and they generally last longer too.

Using recycled materials and deadstock to create new clothing is another great way to be sustainable because it doesn't require the production of new resources from the Earth. It instead makes the most use of materials that may otherwise go to waste. This is what we're all about at Blue Urbane - creating beautiful things that make you look and feel good without hurting the planet and being wasteful!


Unfortunately most jewelry pieces are produced in a very unethical and unsustainable way. Mining precious metals and gemstones is particularly problematic, as human exploitation, pollution and environmental destruction are common practices. 

Blue Urbane jewelry is handcrafted and designed by women in the USA or through fair trade in India and Africa. The pieces are made by hand with gemstones, polymer clay, deadstock vintage jade, and brass using traditional techniques such as stamping, torching and assembling vintage and curated materials. The women making the jewelry are also treated well and are being given opportunities to improve their lives.

Our clothing and jewelry are a perfect way to treat yourself or someone else to something special and won't hurt mother nature!